A Professional Footballer – Karim Benzema

He is a French professional soccer player and currently plays as a striker with the French national soccer team and the Spanish professional soccer club “Real Madrid.” He joined the Lyon-based French football club “Olympic Lyon” (“Lyon”) at the age of nine. Since Lyon won the seventh league title, it has achieved more than 30 goals and became the season’s top scorer.

In succession, he was named “1 Player of the Year” and joined the “Team of the Year” by the “National Federation of Professional Soccer Players” (UNFP). He has accomplished several feats in the club, including winning the Copa del Rey and La Liga. “French Player of the Year” won. He was awarded 3 times.

Karim Benzema

His performance as a member of the national team is equally impressive. He was part of the U-17 team that won the UEFA European Under 17 Championship in 2004. After a senior debut in March 2007, the three major international tournaments, “UEFA European Football Championships” 2008, 2012 and 2014 “FIFA World Cup.”

Childhood and childhood

  • Karim Mostafa Benzema was born on December 19, 1987, in Lyon, France, with Algerian descendants French Hafido Benzema and Wahida Jebbara. He grew up in a small house in Bron and led a modest lifestyle with eight brothers.
  • He began his football career at the age of eight and joined the local football club “Brontereiron SC”. His younger brothers Sabri and Gressy were also soccer players. Benzema drew the attention of club officers from Lyon after scoring two goals against the club’s youth academy in the U-10 match. He finally joined Lyon in 1996.


  • After joining Lyon, he became a member of the club’s academy and quickly climbed into the youth category. In the French national league “Championnat National des 16 ans” for players under the age of 16, he scored 38 goals.
  • Before the “League 1” season from 2004 to 2005, he was promoted to the reserve team of the club that participated in the Championnat de France Amateur tournament.
  • He made his professional debut against “FC Metz” on January 15, 2005. “Lyon” won 2-0. Benzema then signed a three-year professional contract. The club won the fourth consecutive league title in that season.
  • In the UEFA Champions League held on December 6, 2005, the group stage “Lyon” played against the Norwegian club “Rosenborg” and won 2-1. This match was the first professional goal recorded by Benzema.
  • In January 2006, he won the professional double that Lyon won 4-0 against Grenoble in the Coupe de France. On March 4, the same year, he played Ajaccio and won his career’s first professional league goal.

Karim Benzema

Private life

  • He had a romantic relationship with Manon Marceau from 2010 to 2013.
  • He has two children. His daughter, Melia, was born on February 3, 2014, and his son, Ibrahim, was born on May 5, 2017.
  • He is a Muslim who fasts during Ramadan, the holy month of Islam.
  • He fell to the other side of the second method. He was prosecuted on April 18, 2010, in the “Morning Prostitute Recruitment,” the first reported case on the French TV channel “M6”. This case is in the trial. In another case, French police arrested him on November 4, 2015, threatening French international footballer Matthew Valbuena.

Karim Benzema Footballer

Karim Mostapha Benzema is a famous French footballer. He plays as a striker for Real Madrid. He is a member of the France national team. Immensely talent striker and active Player, Karim was born in 1987. He is termed as a potent finisher from inside the box. He was born in Lyon, and his football career began in 1996. He joined different clubs and academies to polish his talent. His first professional appearance was in the 2004-5 season. He won three titles for Lyon. He performed excellently and was named the UNFP. In 2009 he moved to real Madrid in a transfer fee of 35 million euros. He signed a six-year contract with Real Madrid. He reached his prominence when he scored 32 goals and helped Real Madrid win the title. He has been named the Player of the year three times.

Career height

Now he was in the height of glory. He has the title of French youth international player and represented the nation in international tournaments. He won some awards as an under-17 team player before becoming a member of the senior team. Benzema got fame as top Player in 2007 in a friendly match against Austria. He has earned more than 80 caps and a lot of awards. He represented France at three major international tournaments. He was left out of some world cups due to different reasons.


He has a unique and creative manner. He can move quickly. He has decision power. He is right in the air and plays off the shoulders of the last defender. He is a talented striker. Benzema is strong and sturdy. He is naturally right-footed, but it is not a hindrance. He is usually deployed as the centre forward. He is capable of playing in offensive positions. He is versatile. He can assist his fellows well. He has the ability to hold the ball with his back. He is nine and a half of media. He has technical intelligence off the ball. He is praised for his work rate. His tacts draw the opposing defenders out of position.

Personal life

He is the French national of Algerian descent. He is a Muslim. He observes fasting. His father migrated to France and settled in Lyon, the birthplace of Benzema. His brothers are also footballers. He is married and has kids. He loves Algeria as his motherland.


He told RMS about Algeria that it was his parent country. He praised Algeria but said that he would play in the French team. He was criticized for these remarks. He also refused to sing French national anthem before each match with the national team.

He was named as a member of a ring who played the role of clients in a prostitute ring inside of a Paris nightclub. Benzema denied the allegation through his lawyer. French police questioned him in the matter. The case was dropped later due to sufficient evidence.

In short, Benzema is an active footballer and a true Muslim personally.